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Thermal medicine


Thermal medicine, already several millennia old, has remained faithful to its basic principle: treating with mineral water. This water's special chemical make-up endows it with therapeutic effects which have been recognised by the Academy of Medicine.


Thermal medicine is effective against many health conditions. It can be used to complement "classical" treatments, but also as an alternative to drugs.


It is an ideal therapeutic choice which improves quality of life for people of all ages.

A three-week-long cure to feel better

This is the time required to make the most of the treatment. This period also makes it possible for the spa-goers to take a healthy break from their usual environment. Indeed, while thermal care is the most important part of the treatment, for it to be effective you also need a good place to stay at and to follow life hygiene and nutrition tips.

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How to do a cure

1 - You consult your doctor, who indicates you a Spa Town adapted to your treatment of your pathology and fill in the administrative asking nursing form.

2 - You send the asking nursing form to your social organism.

3 - After reception of the asking nursing form agreement, you will take contact with :

• The Spa Center : to inscribe you at the dates that you want.

• A Thermal Doctor of the Spa Center : to take an appointment while you arrive.

• The Tourist Office, to choose an accomodation.

Conditions treated at Le Boulou

- Cardiovascular conditions

- Functional digestive conditions

- Metabolic conditions

- Paediatrics

- Special, supplementary cures: "Obesity" - "Quitting tobacco"

2016 : Les Thermes are open from February 15 to December 17.

Therapy education program : dedicated to people reached by obesity and/or diabetes, 3 weeks individual programm, lead by a multidisciplinary team.

Health mini-cures : Adapted stays for 6- day, 9-day or 12-day cures with thermal treatments are available. They are designed mainly for people leading a fully active life.

Specific stays : as an additional to your cure, take benefits of treatments, consultations, working groups to trust in you again.

Optional : fitness working groups, relaxation, cooking. Health-food, sophrology, plantar reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage.

Etablissement thermal Le Boulou THERMES DU BOULOU
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The Thermal'Pass is issued free of charge at the Tourist Office for spa-goers undergoing a three-week cure. It grants you access to many advantages and discounts which help you to fully enjoy your stay at Le Boulou.


5 stops :
Avenue Général de Gaulle (n° 30)
Corner avenue de Lattre de Tassigny - rue Bousquet
Corner avenue de Lattre de Tassigny - rue Ronsard
Corner avenue d'Espagne - impasse de l'Ormeau
Roundabout Lo Naret / Casino

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