Category 1

Commitments for the tourist Office of Le Boulou

classified category I


This category I Tourist Office, being part of the network Office de Tourisme de France undertakes:

- To make available a reception area and an information facility which are easily accessible.
- To facilitate your enquiries.
- To provide seating
- To dispense free information on local tourist attractions.
- To display opening and closing times in at least two foreign languages
- To provide free WIFI access.
- To remain open at least 305 days per year, Saturdays and Sundays included, during the tourist season as well as events, festivals etc…
- To answer your letters throughout the year.
- To maintain a permanent reception service manned by staff speaking at least two foreign languages.
- To provide printed tourist maps, plans and guides.
- To allow access to our three-language internet site specifically adapted to giving advice based on existing information.
To publish, in addition, printed tourist information translated into at least two relevant languages i.e. :

  • classified tourist accommodation consisting of at least the name of the establishment, the postal address, the telephone numbers, the level of classification
  • historic buildings, ancient monuments, cultural, natural or leisure activity sites consisting of current tariffs and charges, public opening times, internet site details and postal and telephone information
  • events, activities and entertainments
  • emergency telephone numbers.

- To bring all tourist information up to date annually.
- To post emergency phone numbers visibly outside the office.
- To present to all clients every proposal relevant to the area of activity undertaken by the Tourist Office.
- To allow access to information concerning classified accommodation.
- To deal with all claims and complaints and assess the clients’ degree of satisfaction.
- To offer a tourist information service which includes the latest information   technology in communication (social networks, cell phones, GPS).
- To respect the of the brand mark Qualité Tourisme.
- To make available an expert advisor concerning holidays.
- To guarantee that all information concerning local tourist products is reliable and up to date.