Category 1

Le Boulou Tourist Office is in the Class I category.

It belongs to the network of the National Federation of French Tourist Offices.

The Tourist Office undertakes::

  • to provide you with a reception area and an easily accessible information space.
  • to make your search for information quick and easy.
  • to make sure you have somewhere to sit down.
  • to provide free information on local tourism.
  • to offer free wifi.
  • to make sure its opening hours are easy to find and to publish them in at least two foreign languages.
  • to be open at least 240 days a year
  • to reply to your emails all year round.
  • to ensure a permanent service by staff speaking at least two languages
  • to provide maps, plans and tourist guides on paper.
  • to provide access to its trilingual website.
  • to distribute its tourist information on paper, translated into at least two foreign languages, concerning:


  1. all tourist accommodation, with at least the name of the institution, its postal address, email, address, website, telephone number, and any classification it has been attributed;
  2. monuments, cultural, natural and leisure attractions, with prices, opening hours, website address, telephone and postal address;


  • to emergency phone numbers.
  • to update its tourist information annually.
  • to make emergency phone numbers available.
  • to present all qualified tourist offers in its area, to all customers.
  • to treat your complaints and measure your satisfaction.
  • to maintain a quality approach.
  • to provide you with an advisor.
  • to ensure the reliability and timeliness of information concerning local tourism.


The Quality Tourism brand

  • Since 2013, the Tourist Office of Le Boulou has been committed to a quality approach and was classified as a "Quality Tourist Office in France" in 2016.
  • Our main objective is to provide a personalised welcome to all our visitors
  • We deliver reliable, updated and customised information,
  • We take into account suggestions for improvement and the expectations of our visitors,
  • We provide access to information for all,
  • We help visitors get closer to their desires and needs,
  • We help visitors in the organisation of their stay and their activities.