Category 1

Commitments for the tourist Office of Le Boulou

We are a Tourist Office classified category I


This category I Tourist Office, being part of the network Office de Tourisme de France undertakes:

- To make available a reception area and an information facility which are easily accessible.
- To facilitate your enquiries.
- To provide seating
- To dispense free information on local tourist attractions.
- To display opening and closing times in at least two foreign languages
- To provide free WIFI access.
- To remain open at least 305 days per year, Saturdays and Sundays included, during the tourist season as well as events, festivals etc…
- To answer your letters throughout the year.
- To maintain a permanent reception service manned by staff speaking at least two foreign languages.
- To provide printed tourist maps, plans and guides.
- To allow access to our three-language internet site specifically adapted to giving advice based on existing information.
To publish, in addition, printed tourist information translated into at least two relevant languages i.e. :

  • classified tourist accommodation consisting of at least the name of the establishment, the postal address, the telephone numbers, the level of classification
  • historic buildings, ancient monuments, cultural, natural or leisure activity sites consisting of current tariffs and charges, public opening times, internet site details and postal and telephone information
  • events, activities and entertainments
  • emergency telephone numbers.

- To bring all tourist information up to date annually.
- To post emergency phone numbers visibly outside the office.
- To present to all clients every proposal relevant to the area of activity undertaken by the Tourist Office.
- To allow access to information concerning classified accommodation.
- To deal with all claims and complaints and assess the clients’ degree of satisfaction.
- To offer a tourist information service which includes the latest information   technology in communication (social networks, cell phones, GPS).
- To respect the of the brand mark Qualité Tourisme.
- To make available an expert advisor concerning holidays.
- To guarantee that all information concerning local tourist products is reliable and up to date.


Brand Qualité Tourisme

What is the brand quality tourism?

  • In order to always better receive you and improve the quality of tourist benefits in France, the state has created the Quality Tourism brand.
  • It is a sign of recognition of the establishments that offer quality services, which you can choose with confidence.
  • This brand makes it possible to be in a continual search for improving our services within our struture both in terms of the internal organization, the quality of the reception, the services provided and the tourist offer proposed via the Socioprofessional partners of the Tourist Office.
  • It can be attributed to establishments whose core activity is tourism: hotels, tourist residences, holiday villages, campsites, catering, cafes and brewes, agencies of seasonal rentals, tourist offices, sites and activities full nature.
  • Quality of the reception and services, professionalism, valorization of local resources are among the essential values ​​of the brand.
  • The Tourist Office of Boulou has been committed, since 2013, in a quality approach and has obtained the national brand "Quality Tourism Offices of France" in 2016 and in 2019 its renewal.
  • Our main objective: to ensure a personalized and individualized welcome, to our visitors
  • Issue reliable, updated and personalized information,
  • Take into account the suggestions for improving and expectations of our visitors,
  • Provide access to information for all,
  • Fill in the visitor closer to his desires and his needs,
  • Help maximum the visitor in the organization of his stay and activities.

The tourist office obtained the Label Qualité Tourisme Occitanie Sud de France in January 2021

But what is it  ?

Certification at the regional and national level, whose main objective is your satisfaction!

It is the first device of France recognized by the Tourism State brand, guaranteeing the quality of the reception and the services of tourism professionals. It thus obeys the same requirements as the national mark.

Quality benefits, tested, approved and certified

Infrastructure to equipment, via the quality of the reception and service, it is more than 200 criteria that have been evaluated by a professional auditor. Sanitary criteria have also been added to the list to ensure optimal security.

A committed staff

The quality approach, it is above all good practices adopted by the entire team of our structure, in order to better identify your expectations to satisfy them. All staff are involved and engaged in this approach so as to offer you the best possible quality!

Not uniform!

With this label, we put each forefront of our peculiarities to make you live unique experiences. We wish to preserve this diversity offered by Occitania, this region full of beautiful discoveries!

You are an actor of our quality approach

Customer listening is our priority: we take into account all your opinions, whether positive or negative. Thus, we are constantly working on our ways of improvement and we adapt to best meet your needs.

The Tourist Office & Culture of Le Boulou officially obtains the Accueil Vélo Brand in 2020 !

Cycling lovers? Welcome to the Boulou !

Accueil Vélo is a national brand that guarantees a welcome and quality services along the cycling routes for roaming cyclists. This brand commits professionals to offer a welcome and services adapted to cycling tourists. It allows cycling tourists to identify institutions and locations adapted to the practice of cycling tourism, and enjoying appropriate welcoming and services. Bicycle tourists are more and more numerous, especially on the designed cycling itineraries

This brand is set up under the auspices of France Bike tourism by local tourist organizations (ATD 66) to book the best reception for cyclists everywhere in France. As a bicycle destination par excellence and tourist office labeled, we offer a list of accommodation and restaurants that are likely to welcome you at best during your cyclosport stay, but also a welcome that is specially dedicated to download here.