This summer we took our first real holiday since our little boy Matty was born - he's four now and our best friends Len and Carol came along with their little girl. Being the first time in our new life as parents we had a few logistics to figure out, but otherwise it was the same old carefree life on holiday. On our first day we rented some bikes for a ride along the greenway that leads along the canal into the countryside from our campsite. It was the chance to try out the kiddy trailer idea too.

After late breakfast all together at the campsite, we checked out the the bikes - tyres and chains and the rest of it - packed the picnic and saddled up. You always forget just how glorious the weather is in the South of France, and that morning was just perfect.

Our campsite being actually on the greenway meant we had no roads to negotiate, something worth looking into when you decide where to stay.

After an hour's ride we came across some public picnic tables in a lovely glade with all the charm of the South of France about it. We parked up and spent an hour eating, drinking and chatting like old times, while the kids made a mess and thoroughly enjoyed themselves

Just next door to where we ate was a garden open to the public so we decided to peep in and check it out.

Well fed and well watered we packed up and locked the bikes

The "Xerophytic Garden" was a spectacular surprise with pomegranate and cherry trees, and other species from Mexico, Japan and New Zealand. If you come across it on your ride it's well worth the pause.

Needless to say it mostly fell to Carol and me to tidy up while the boys argued about the best fishing spot, but we eventually managed to get going again.

Next stop, the little town of Argelès-sur-Mer

The receptionist at the campsite was right when she told us it was very easy to get to - there are signposts everywhere! The picture of Len was taken about twenty minutes along this leg.


Argelès-sur-Mer on the Mediterranean coast came into view as we rounded the Albères hills, the last buttresses of the Pyrenees. I called the race to the village sign with the loser to buy the cocktails tonight - and promptly lost! The lads beat me fair and square even with the kids in their trailers. I need to get back in the gym!

We got back to Le Boulou late in the afternoon and started planning our next ride as soon as the drinks were in - along the canal to Céret this time. I might write about that later!