In times gone by it was quite common for doctors to tell their patients to "take the waters," and in France it's still fairly common. Nothing stops you following suit and heading to Le Boulou to see what all the fuss is about. Having high cholesterol and knowing a spa treatment is highly recommended by some specialists, I took the plunge and signed up for a week-long 'cure' at Le Boulou.

Le Boulou seems ideal, being in a region I love - the south of France with the sun and the and the Mediterranean - I could really see my self there long before I arrived!

The Tourist Office at Le Boulou was incredibly helpful, putting me in touch with the experts at the spa to book my treatment times, and also finding accommodation and car hire for me.

I booked everything up for the 30 June - giving me plenty of time to confirm my reservation, by deposit cheque. In the meantime a spa doctor was assigned to me with an appointment on the day after my arrival. A list of accredited doctors was sent to me by mail by the Thermes du Boulou spa centre.


Arrival day, and I checked into my accommodation, a really charming little house with its own small garden, close to one of the stops of the shuttle bus that runs to the spa every hour.

Charlotte, one of the stay advisor , called me well before my cure to tell me a little more about what I could expect. She also sent me all the documentation to fill-in and a map of the town, a tourism guide, bus timetables and loads of other useful bumf. Like everyone else involved in my little adventure so far, she seemed very professional and friendly.