Back home, a head full of good memories and a camera full of pictures, I published the best on Facebook and gave the Tourist Office page a big fat LIKE.

A friend of mine, Lindsay has diabetes, and having met a few people with that condition at the spa, I suggested she give it a try. We found the brochure online and she downloaded it - I think I may have convinced her, and we've even been talking about going together.


Back at work I felt infinitely less stressed, more relaxed and performing better than ever.

After three months I got a satisfaction questionnaire from the spa to evaluate the effectiveness of my cure, to help them improve. Most of the questions aimed to evaluate the development of my hypercholesterolaemia before and after the cure.

Having seen a marked overall improvement in my general health, my evaluation was highly positive.

I have no more cramps in the calves or sleepless nights. I notice that my habits have changed: I walk much more, my diet is more balanced, I find greater pleasure in eating, I'm less stressed and my intake of medication has gone down. My cholesterol has also dropped according to my latest tests.

I'll be back!