It was my birthday and my family gave me a "Spa Serenity" gift box for the Thermes du Boulou. I'd been hinting I need a good massage for ages and, this present could not have been be better!

I arrived at the Thermal baths on a Friday morning. The buildings are nestled at the end of a little path through the park in a lush green garden. I have to say it was a genuinely promising start and I was starting to feel pretty relaxed already!

Therapist and owner Sylvie welcomed me with a big smile and a cup of herbal tea, asked me to sit down and explained how the afternoon would unfold.

There's a huge array of treatments on offer and with a little guidance and discussion, I opted for the hydromassage thermal shower, the massage jet and the counter-current exerciser, with a Californian massage as the cherry on top. The changing rooms were cute and well kept, and out I came in my bathrobe, ready to enjoy whatever they had to throw at me.

First up was the hydrodynamic thermal shower, an immensely satisfying and very pleasant sensation that set the tone for the afternoon.


The next... device... was a jet shower, which they say 'kneads' the skin and fat tissue, I have to say it was extremely kneading - most invigorating in fact. It wakes you up and you really feel like something has happened!


Next up was something called a counter-current exerciser, which basically means walking upstream like a very wet running machine. By no means unpleasant, it was pretty hard work all the same. The incredible view over the park is your reward - it makes you forget the effort entirely!


After the all effort, the reward

Lying down on the massage table, Laetitia went at me for thirty blissful minutes after, which the feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment were complete. Crazy!

Before leaving the spa centre I took a little tour of the boutique and bought some of the Decleor care products that Laetitia used during my massage - all at a very reasonable price.

It was with a spring in my step and some bright ideas that I met up with my husband Jim and the kids. I gave them all a big kiss for coming up with such a brilliant birthday present!

Highly recommend. Check out prices and opening times in the brochures on this website. I hope I'll be coming back to Le Boulou soon!