This was my first time at the Les Thermes spa in Le Boulou, and the natives were very friendly. We were invited on our first day to the 11 am bingo session at the Casino. We were a little sceptical, but it was a really peasant surprise. For just 8 €, each we got our bingo cards, a free buffet and 2 Euros worth of chips to use on the slot machines.

Since we had nothing planned before the evening we decided to try our luck and followed the more hardened gamblers to our rendez-vous with fate!

There's a picturesque little pathway leading directly from the spa to the casino, which we think might be no coincidence!


Stepping through the doors was an immense surprise, with the lobby decoration reminiscent of the style of Gaudi, who anyone who has visited Barcelona will know very well indeed.


So, the bingo. You get your cards when you arrive, and we all sat down with a view of the prizes - bottles of wine, gift vouchers and today's star prize - a GPS! No luck for me this time, although I must say we really saw what people see in it!

After the bingo, we tucked into the buffet and enjoyed the welcome cocktail that comes free with the Thermal Pass (read all about that on this website).


After a hearty snack we went to check out the slot machines. Flashing lights and noises reminiscent of childhood on the pier. Some of our new friends settled down at the roulette table but I popped my chip into a slot machine and promptly won ten Euros!

With the chance to play again, my kitty started to go up, little by little! Before long the noises emanating from my machine became more interesting than the roulette and I found myself surrounded (with lots of 'advice') until the machine suddenly started going crazy - all frantic lights and music. I only hit the Jackpot! I'm not sure I deserved the applause but I couldn't help feeling slightly smug!


Considering we had no intention of gaming at all, the improvised visit was an amazingly fun moment. My the other half persuades me it's best to quit while we're ahead, but I can't help thinking we could pop back to try our luck again before we leave.