Emblem of our Catalan country, the Yellow Train of Cerdagne, affectionately named "The Canary" for its golden colour, connects Villefranche-de-Conflent (altitude 1350 feet) to Latour-de-Carol (altittde 3500 feet).

Climb aboard the canary with the family and discover our beautiful landscape. At a cruising speed of 55 kph, take the time to unwind through some truly tremendous mountain scenery.

Over 63 km, climbing 1200 metres to the station at Bolquère, the highest in France at 5222 feet!

Cross over the steep slopes of the Tet Valley, and reach out into the void. Experience the delights of the open spaces, right at the foot of our finest mountain, mount Canigou. Visit the massifs of Cambre d'Aze, Carlit and Puigmal too.

At each bend in the track you'll see a small village nestled in the hollow of the forest, you'll discover the ski resorts perched on the heights of the Cerdagne and can make a stop to visit the first solar furnace in the world, located in Mont-Louis. The guided guided tour, which takes 45 minutes is full of fascinating facts.

The Yellow Train

For the more adventurous, Fort Liberia, one of the Vauban military defences, is in an exceptional state of preservation and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

A fun, extraordinary and exciting day out for the whole family!

During your trip, please take care of our little "canary" - despite its dashing looks, it is a centenarian! The Yellow Train has been crossing the mountain plateaus since 1910.

You can have a look to timetable and book tickets for Yellow Train HERE
Have a lovely trip !

At the heart of Regional Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees, mount Canigou (Canigó in Catalan) is the door between the highlands and the Roussillon plain. Its foothills have an enchanting atmosphere and the whole countryside is dominated by its majesty, from the Languedoc to Ariège and the province of Girona.

Fascinated and intrigued by its high silhouette, people have in turn feared, respected, admired and conquered its snowy peaks of stories and legend. The highest mountain in the Pyrenees at over 2700 meters above sea level, Mount Canigou is the sacred mountain of Catalan country.

An authentic and exceptional land, dear to the hearts of Catalan people and always adored by to visitors, the Canigou massif is today recognised as one of the jewels of the Catalan Pyrenees!

The simple happiness of hiking or riding around Canigou

Come discover this extraordinary place in a variety of ways, with planned walks, carriage rides, mountain bike trails, horseback rides or letting a donkey carry your picnic in its baskets!